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2017 M.I.C Honorees

On November 18th 2017,  we honored Men advancing the legacy of change  in 5 categories: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education, Philanthropy and as Community Organizers. There was a  Lifetime Achievement Honoree as well.


November 18, 2017



Lucas Kimani served as the President of Kenya Christian Fellowship in America (KCFA)’s National Executive Board from 2005 until 2011 and the Founding Chairman of KCFA Baltimore chapter since its inception in 1998, to June 2016. Kenya Christian Fellowship in America is a public Christian organization run by an elected National Executive Board and an advisory Board of Trustees. This organization has been in existence since 1990 and has continued to minister to the social, economic, and spiritual needs of Kenyan community in the Diaspora through its 26 local chapters across the United States of America and Canada.


While serving as the national president, Lucas Kimani oversaw the growth of organization to its current size, assisted in establishment of churches and ministries, all geared towards serving the Kenyan diaspora. In 2005, after the Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast of the United States, Lucas Kimani led the organization to assist in the relocation of 50 affected Kenyans from New Orleans, LA to various parts of the country where KCFA has local chapters.

At the local level, in Baltimore Chapter, Lucas Kimani led the chapter for 18 years. He helped build the local organization from a handful of members to a vibrant fellowship of multi-ethnic composition. Part of Lucas Kimani’s legacy, during his tenure is the establishment of a scholarship program that offers scholarship to local graduating high school seniors as they start their freshman year in college. Besides working with the local Pastors and minister to meet the spiritual needs of the community, Lucas Kimani, alongside other community leaders, has involved himself with various local groups to lead the community in tackling social, cultural, spiritual, and other growing needs. 

Lucas Kimani is also involved with not for profit philanthropic organization that provide charitable support to orphans and vulnerable families in Kenya. Currently, Lucas Kimani sits in the board of Sundi’s Gift, an American non-profit organization that fundraises for a number of charities located in Kenya.


November 18, 2017



Born in 1989, Keith Brandon Coston became interested in Music at an early age of 4. At the age of 6, he became the drummer at a Church in Philadelphia PA. 

In 2007, he graduated from Upper Merion High School and attended both Lincoln University and Eastern University in St. Davids Pennsylvania with concentrated studies in business administration and finance.  By the year of 2010, he accepted the call of to the office of a Deacon. 

Through his love for music he began to develop a passion for God and his community. In the year of 2014 he became the president of the Deliverance Youth Department at Deliverance Evangelistic Temple as well as a teacher on the church’s educational staff.

Mr. Coston has mentored countless young men throughout his church and community.  Mr. Coston teaches young men stewardship, discipline, and sacrifice.  By positioning himself to be older brother to many young men he has become an example of what a man should be and has become hope to some that were hopeless.  His mission is to help other men find themselves and to be the best example of what a man should be. 


November 18, 2017



Robert Burale is a Motivational Speaker, the Founder of The Naked Truth whose mission is to allow people to openly discuss issues they would rather not address. Issues such as sex, divorce, masturbation, drugs and alcohol among others.


November 18, 2017



Amos Mburu (M.A. Kariuki) is a healthcare administration professional working for a National Nursing policy and strategy office in Washington, DC. In his role, Amos is a health system specialist responsible for providing services in project management, budget and data analytics for both policy and strategic matters that impact over 150 medical centers.

Prior to his current position, Amos was an Administrative Officer for one of the service lines at the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. He was responsible for daily administrative affairs, staffing management for over 200 employees, budgeting, strategic planning and acting as an advisor to the service chief. Amos was also a member of the U.S Armed Forces where he served for six years. 

Amos published his book, "Excellence through Self Mastery", in July of 2017. He considers this book as an inspiration to others with the message that achieving greatness in life begins from within.  Amos holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia and a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Finance) from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. He is currently taking a course in strategy and performance management at a major university in Washington D.C. 

More about Amos can be seen in an article: “Meet M.A Kariuki, the dreamer who excelled through self-mastery in the U.S.A.” published on published on July 20th 2017.


November 18, 2017



We have all seen the viral videos from the incredible Triplets Ghetto Kids @ghettokids_tfug , 2017 Best African Dancers Winner awardees at @afrimma , African Union Youth Goodwill Ambassadors!
Meet the Pioneer behind the Triplets Ghetto Kids! His name: Kavuma Dauda. 

He started off as a primary school teacher in Uganda. His father passed on while very young. Gave up hope on ever going back to school. Almost all his friends' fathers would work on big fields to make money to support their families, which was not case his family. Without a father he felt lost, scared and afraid of the future.
Being one of the 30 children his late father had, his widowed mother could not afford to pay his school fees. It took Mr. Kayita Musa, his mentor, a teacher at a nearby school,  a few minutes to decide to get him back in school after realizing that he had some soccer skills. The teacher supported him through high school & College.He reignited his hope of a promising future. Through that journey, Mr. Kavuma always told himself, when he graduates, he would find a job & support one street child through school.

About 10 years later, he now has 30 orphaned and vulnerable children under his care. With no funding only 9 of these kids formed a group called the Triplets Ghetto Kids (TGK), have exhibited talent in singing, dancing, and acting. Opening doors to perform in Britain, Kenya, USA, and Australia. They have performed on some of the biggest platforms most artists dream of. Some of the most notable ones are , 2017 BET awards, 2017 Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards, Late Night show featuring Jimmy Fallon and also 2016 TED Nairobi.

Notable awards:

  • 2016- HiPipo Awards (UG)-The Video Trailblazer Award 

  • 2016 Rising Star Awards- Talented Youth Star

  • 2016- AEA USA-Best Dance Group 2016- BEFFTA (UK) Best Dance Act. AFRIMMA (USA) - Best African Dancer 

His inspiration comes from watching his foster children transition from the life on the streets to developing their talents to becoming the best version of themselves. 


November 18, 2017



Dr. David Wachira PhD, is a speaker, mentor and philanthropist. His passion is largely focused on the youth, where he is committed to helping create a world in which they are able to actively manifest their dreams and gifts into reality. In 2014, he established the Wachira Endowment for Public Service to provide scholarships and grants to university students.

Dr. Wachira is a public finance and governance specialist at the World Bank and currently serves as the co-President for the World Bank Group's Youth to Youth. Previously, he taught public policy at Southern Methodist University, served as a teaching fellow at the University of North Texas, and as an assistant professor of history and economics at Wiley College.

He hold's a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History, a master’s degree in History and a Ph.D., emphasis in Public Finance and Public Management.He also has several publications on transparency,e-government, organizational culture, fiscal sustainability and spending efficiency.

Men Impact Change Honors Dr. David Wachira, Ph.D, for advancing the legacy of Change in Philanthropy and in Education.


November 18, 2017



Alex Lee is the son of Boni Lee, President of Learn For Life Kenya. Learn For Life Kenya is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with local organizations that posses a track record for implementation of charitable services to underprivileged children in Kenya. 

Alex Lee has known and lived with these children for over 3 years. He has grown up with them. He is inspired by their passion, their hope and their view for the world. Their attitude for life radiates a whole new meaning of life. 
Alex has been at the forefront raising money to fund the vocational center that will be used to equip the children in various fields such as woodwork, masonry, electrical training amongst others. 

Alex Lee has previously worked as a political contractor for hire in Wisconsin. He has led his unit of 4 to a national competition on the reasons, restrictions and responsibility of the government. His unit took 17th in the nation. 
His Favorite quote, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” by Winston Churchill


November 18, 2017



His Emmy- nominated Documentary, "A Small Act" has been featured on CNN, HBO amongst others. We have seen him on the world stages, United Nations, in Italy, Sweden, with the slogan: #EducationIsAHumanRight!
Our next 2017 Men Impact Change Honoree is a Havard graduate with a breathtaking life story.

Chris Mburu is a man who grew up in deep poverty in a rural village in Kenya but managed to go all the way to Harvard University in the USA. He is currently serving as Senior Human Rights Advisor for the United Nations, promoting peace and justice across the world.

Mr Mburu has worked on human rights, governance, democracy, peace and conflict resolution issues for over 20 years and has served in many countries including USA, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Apart from the UN, he has worked with leading human rights organizations and policy think-tanks, including Global Rights, the International Crisis Group and Amnesty International.

In 2001, while still working with the UN, Mr Mburu started the Hilde Back Education Fund, a charitable organization in Kenya whose work is to support the education of bright children from poor families. He named it after a Swedish woman, Ms Hilde Back, a holocaust survivor who supported his education when he was a poor child growing up in a village in Kenya. The story of Chris and Hilde became the subject of an Emmy-nominated Hollywood documentary film called “A Small Act” which debuted at the Sundance Festival in 2010. More information about this film can be obtained from

Mr Mburu spends his free time campaigning under the banner/slogan that EDUCATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT, and has been doing marathons and short runs in different cities promoting this campaign. He believes that all children all over the world who are 18 years and under should benefit from quality free education paid for by their governments because that is an exercise of their right to education which is guaranteed under international human rights laws.

Men Impact Change Honors Chris Mburu for advancing the legacy of Change in Education, as a Human Rights Lawyer.


November 18, 2017



Mr. Gidraph W. Mwangi, was born in April 1956. He is married to a beautiful wife, is a father of 4 and grandpa to 3 lovely grandchildren. He is a teacher, church elder, mentor and a counsellor. He trained as a teacher and graduated in 1976. Have taught in several government schools and got promoted as a principal in 1981.

In 1991, he started his first own school (Mwangaza Primary School) in Subukia, Kenya. However, in 1993 they moved to Nakuru where he started his 2nd private school (Bellhouse Schools) which was renamed to Stafford Boys High School in 2016 when his daughter Njeri Gidraph took over the management. His school has been awarded as one of the best schools both in the government and private schools.  He was a Facilitator and National Examiner for Mathematicians and Swahili for 15years. He was also appointed by the Kenya Government as Chairman of an Economic Stimulus Project in 2 Districts, in charge of Jua Kali Projects & Open Markets

He has held the committees for peace and started a seedling project(agribusiness) to engage the youth, ensuring they are self reliant and economically stable.

He is driven by the desire to create employment for the youth, educate boys and to be a change agent not only in Kenya, but also in Africa.


November 18, 2017



Erastus is a 2003 University of Delaware, Dual degree: BA International Relations and Sociology, and certificate courses in 2009 and 2010 in Project Management and Non-profit management respectively. 

He is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of StartUpAfrica in USA and a sister-chapter in Kenya. In this role, he is responsible for all activities and results related to the organization’s programs and services. He is also responsible for strategic planning, fundraising, financial planning, administration, external relations, programmatic review, and operational oversight. 

He maintains and further cultivates strong external relationships with various stakeholders including staff, clients, non-profit and corporate leaders, foundation representatives, universities and colleges leaders, Board members, individual donors, and politicians in US and Kenya.


He is currently the project manager for the construction of a model youth entrepreneurship in Kenya that will be replicated in other parts of Kenya and Africa. He also serves as the Executive Director with Serve Delaware, Delaware Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer Service.


November 18, 2017



Will Holmes is an award winning, trusted business adviser with clients and partners including The U.S. Department of Defense, The Small Business Administration, SoundExchange, The University of Baltimore, The Harbor Bank of Maryland, The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association and The Reginald F. Lewis Museum.

Mr. Holmes has over 20 years of experience helping organizations increase revenue and efficiency by streamlining existing processes, implementing new technology and providing marketing strategy and customized training to executives and staff. In 2006, Will founded WHC, a business management and technology consulting firm, serving government agencies, non-profit organizations and hundreds of growing companies across the United States.

As part of his service to the community, Will Holmes also founded Baltimore Professionals and Entrepreneurs and the GiveBaltimore initiative, developed the 30 Steps for Startups curriculum and hosts the annual MoneyBaltimore Small and Minority Business Conference.  Men Impact Change Honors Will Holmes for advancing the legacy of Change in Entrepreneurship.


November 18, 2017



As a young man, Dipo Adesina was not exceptionally gifted. He failed three times in elementary school, repeated the 8th grade, and went to four different high schools because of bad behaviors. He got involved in a gang and became a menace to his environment, smoked and was already a drug dealer by the age of 19. But a life changing event in 2005 would later alter the direction of his life to becoming a man who now inspires young people around the world. His ability to connect with young people is astonishing to witness as they are captivated by both his story and his style of speaking. 

Today, Dipo Adesina is a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur. He is the Founder & CEO of Agro Angels, a firm that provides a platform for Africans in Diaspora to invest in the fastest growing sector in Africa, Agriculture.

His unique blend of corporate, academic, training & development and business experience makes him an increasingly sought-after speaker across the country. With over 10 years of speaking and business experience, Dipo has giving keynote speeches, training seminars and workshops at high schools, universities, conferences, conventions, churches and organizations both nationally and internationally.


He was recently awarded by Toastmasters International, the Distinguished Toastmasters Award, the highest award bestowed on any of its members worldwide to recognize him for his magnificent level of achievement in both communication and leadership. Today, Dipo is doing what he loves best—speaking and inspiring both young and old to fulfilling their life's purpose.  


November 18, 2017



He is servant Leader at Life Source International Church based in Rosedale, Maryland.

As a church, they have partnered with other churches and the Police department in eradicating crime by reaching out to the residents of Baltimore city and the metropolitan area. 

As a community leader, he bridges the gap between the churches and the members of the Diaspora by serving all the needs of the people without conditions, racial issues, tribal issue, religious or denominational barriers and without despising due to the conditions or matters of the heart. He is also an intercessor and liaison for the intercessors of America, Israel and kenya based in Kenya and the diaspora.

Men Impact Change Honors Pastor Peter Mugweh for advancing the legacy of Change in Leadership.


November 18, 2017



Meet Byron Deese, a Change agent breaking barriers! 

Area of expertise: Financial Services/Money Management for employers and their employees. Mr. Deese graduated from Tuskegee University, Finance /Political Studies. Became a FINRA licensed Registered Representative. He worked in the financial markets in multiple countries. Providing investment services to business owners throughout Maryland and the DC Metro area. 

He Founded the Dream Makers Network to host Economic Activism initiatives throughout Baltimore City. 
He has been featured on Black Business Review 40 under 40. Top Sales professional in 2013 and 2014 for Mutual of America. He is motivated by the opportunity to create wealth for Black working-class families, through financial education and promoting business ownership.

His grandfather, Bishop Israel Black Sr. (1913-2005) was his hero, he watched him provide spiritual leadership and guidance to families throughout the country. He was a family man, a community man, and a Man of Impact in his Life. 

His favorite quote, Whatever your mind can conceive, and come to believe, you can achieve.

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