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Two Legends
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M.I.C Rising Stars
M.I.C Rising Stars
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M.I.C Honorees
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The Next Generation of Leaders:

Black men have been criminalized, stigmatized, and marginalized for generations. Men Impact Change was created seven years ago to break these negative stereotypes.

We are committed to bridging the economic gap while educating, connecting, honoring and advocating for black boys and men. Our goal is to equip them with entrepreneurship skills by providing them with the network and training needed to have an equal playing field.


We strongly believe that to fight racism, we must economically empower our community. Our theme last year was: Economic Empowerment: Deterrent to Racism.

 Click here to watch the 6th Annual Virtual Honor Ceremony highlights.


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Two Legends

Roland Martin ( Media mogul & Four-time NAACP winner ) with the former African Union Ambassador, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao