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Empower. Inspire. Transform.

The Next Generation of Leaders

Since 2014, Men Impact Change has boldly taken on the crisis facing the black men in America. We understand the need for positive male role models. We engage them to help nurture boys & young men into great leaders of the next generation. We are guided by the principal:

                                                         “It is easier to build a boy than to repair a broken man”( Frederick Douglas).



Bridging The Economic Gap

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Picture: Prince George's & Baltimore County Executive Citations to Men Impact Change Honorees from the Baltimore County Executive.

We currently have 71 M.I.C diverse Honorees! Our Honorees continue to advance the legacy of change in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and in Education!


About M.I.C

Who We Are

Men Impact Change ( M.I.C ) is a unique, dynamic and multicultural 501 (C) (3) organization founded in 2014. Our mission is to honor great men impacting desirable change in the community and getting those men to be role models for boys/ young men from broken families and single-parent homes, specifically those affected by violence, and those without father figures. We redefine manhood by encouraging positive masculinity.

Over the years the young men have made troubling choices often with negative outcomes for a lack of positive role models. High incarceration rates and the proliferation of gangs, violence, and radicalization speak to that problem. M.I.C seeks to match up the boys to positive male role models to ensure they have guidance as they develop into men and leaders of the next generation.  

What We Do

We honor Men of Impact annually.

We help build boys into capable men and leaders of the next generation.

Educational Workshops via the Young Men Summit

We encourage great men to tell their stories to produce positive 


Connection to experts!

6- months internships to young men to help build their skills

5-Year Vision

Empower, inspire and transform the lives of 10,000 boys and young men!

Connect 10,000 boys and young men to positive male role models.

Honor 1,000 great men, and share their impactful stories to all the media outlets in America!


Highlights: Men Impact Change Honor Ceremony





If you want a harvest in 1 year, grow a crop. If you want a harvest in 10 years, grow trees. If you want a harvest to last you a lifetime, grow people.

- Chinese Proverb

A. Men Impact Change Honor Ceremonies

We honor men advancing the legacy of change in leadership, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and in education. 

We partner up with several notable leaders, like the Baltimore county executives in presenting the honors

B. Young Men Summit

We engage our honorees in conducting the young men summit workshops. Topics discussed include mental health, leadership, entrepreneurship, relationships, and career development


Board of Directors

 Sonnie Njau ~ Founder and C.E.O

Gary Rahman - C.O.O

Ps. Peter Mugweh - Program Coordinator

Kevin Onyona - Board of Advisors

Father Joe Muth - Board of Advisors



Sonnie Njau - Founder & CEO

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