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The Next Generation of Leaders:

We are committed to bridging the economic gap while educating, connecting, honoring and advocating for black boys and men. Our goal is to equip them with entrepreneurship skills by providing them with the network and training needed to have an equal playing field.

Our Current Initiative: Design Thinking

The pandemic has had devastating impact on the economy, on the physical and mental health. Many lost their jobs and according to the NY Times, over 41% of the small businesses will not survive the pandemic.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs saw an opportunity amidst the pandemic and emerged as leaders in their industries. These Entrepreneurs used Design Thinking - A process that helped them to pivot. This is a critical process determining whether a business will survive a crisis or not.

On August 14th; 10am - 12pm EST, we are hosting our next virtual workshop, covering topics related to overcoming barriers to entrepreneurship.

* If you have that great business idea, how do you navigate the barriers to entrepreneurship? 

* Every entrepreneur faces a set of obstacles. However, the entrepreneur whom is perceived as a minority faces a unique set of systematic barriers that add an extra layer of difficulty to funding, launching and sustaining a successful business.

* Men Impact Change has mobilized expert speakers to break down how to anticipate, recognize and strategize tactics to overcome the barriers and bias in the pitching and funding phase of entrepreneurship.


The goal of the workshop is to:

  1. To anticipate and recognize the barriers

  2. To build a business model to overcome the barriers

  3. To build partnerships to help overcome the barriers

  4. To overcome bias in the funding phase of entrepreneurship


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